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her and her

After the "Mixtape" exhibition I knew I wanted to keep working with the concept of memories and the use of pictures but in a more personal way.

Meanwhile visiting my family in Italy I collected photos of me, my mother and my grandmother.

Looking at that photos I realised how at the end of the day we are all women the same and we go through the same experiences.

Illustrating them was my way of acknowledge it. I was rediscovering my roots under another prospective.


Building upon her fascination with memories, Lobster & Pearls goes on a journey of discovery of the past, this time playing close attention to her own roots. This body of work sees the artist paying homage to old and new photos through illustration that belong to three generations of women – her grandmother, her mother and herself.

L&P’s overarching aim is to give importance to particular moments that may seem simple, ordinary and almost meaningless, but that are moments that each one of the women in question have experienced at one point in their lives.

This raises question such as ‘How much do we really have in common?’, ‘How much do we share?’, ‘Are our lives really that different from one another?’.

Concept of time, memories and different stages of life are put into question in this private and very personal visualisation of a family album. Lobster & Pearls hopes that each spectator finds something self-identifying within the showcase.

They say we are not the same, but are our experiences really that different?

The photos and the illustrations were exhibit as part of the East Finchley open houses.

A special thank you goes to Adam E Justice-Mills that invited me to his house.

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