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When last year I saw the drawing by Louise Bourgeois
"Art Is a Guaranty of Sanity" it immediately resonate with me.
Now I know that expressing myself through drawing, painting, digital art and more recently self portraits has become fundamental for my mental health.
During lockdown I reached a very high level of creativity never experienced before so obviously, as soon as the so called "normal life" and routine started again I felt drained.
The days during quarantine were usually starting with a "at least three pages" journaling session. I haven't been journaling since I was 12 yo and It was really hard at the beginning then I got into it. Unfortunately after lockdown I slowly started to abandon it.
One morning though, instead of writing down my thoughts I started to sketch: random subjects mainly objects, a quote from a song or something that was in a dream.
It was therapeutic.
So I started to do it as a sweet morning ritual : I wake up early, I go downstairs, make myself a coffee and start drawing listening to music. I don't think about what to draw, I start and I see where that is going to take me.
Now I have a collection of my subconscious' expressions.
The choice of calling the exhibition "Gibberish" it's because it probably looks like they don't make any sense, because it's an hybrid language or because for some it is just a whole lot of mambo jumbo.
Because of different reasons I am not able to present them in a physical way so I have decided to post them online, with a white background, like if they would be hung on a wall.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Everything can be purchased just send me an email for more info.

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