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beyond the lines

"Beyond the lines" was a duo exhibition I curated together with my peer female artist Vivida V


Beyond the Lines showcases a range of art styles of two artist: Lobsterandpearls & Vivida Vi, from abstract paintings to illustrations where art imitates life.Incorporating different stories of creativity, the exhibition seeks to reveal what lies on the other side of the lines.It’s about a hidden connection between artwork and person.It's also about a journey of discovery through the ‘eyes' of our emotions.There are no rules governing what you must see or how you respond to the art. It is a catalyst which is there to stimulate your own interpretation, through the lines.

That year I was particularly  exploring the concept of identity, personal insecurities and themes as duality and “masks”  throughout the use of animal heads and religious references. 

Fun fact: I created "selfies mask" so people could pose with them and assume a momentarily different identity. 

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